Physician Portal Changelog

  1. Current Version -

  2. ----------Version

    1. Added a filter for site managers' doctor list.

    2. Added option for user to add/remove patients from eligibility notifications.


    1. Fixed issue where the portal would not remember browser for 2FA once the browser was closed.

    2. Added a Order Kits link at the top.


    1. Added ability to download a consent form for the Centerstone study.

    2. Added Google Tag Manager code for site traffic analytics.


    1. Updated to use the report date as the starting point for the 60 days on the Centerstone report.


    1. Added back CRL admin role Centerstone and check request reports.


    1. Fixed incorrect links in emails.

    2. Widened start and end date text boxes on add drug page.

    3. Fixed bug that caused crash when user didn't select a site manager from drop down box on activate site manager page.

    4. Removed the import doctor and site manager options for normal users.


    1. Fixed search functionality for doctor last name.

    2. Removed erroneous links on the add drug page.


    1. Fixed bug that caused crash when loading drug interactions for patients with drugs associated with them.

    2. Fixed bug that caused crash when editing a patient's general information.


    1. Added function to allow doctors and site managers to order collection kits.

    2. Added report function for CRL admins to download accounting reports.

    3. Added a 10px margin around the boxes on the drug analysis screen.

    4. Fixed the Genetic Analysis header of gene names.

    5. Changed all references of "Consumer" to "Patient".


    1. Fixed bug that allowed site managers to view doctors with mulitples sites whole patient list.


    1. Updated to allow users in patient role to access the scale/survey sections.


    1. Fixed bug that caused crash when user that is locked out tries to login.


    1. Updated to show message when there are no potential drug interactions.

    2. Updated to allow site managers to change their doctors site information.

    3. Sends password change confirmation email and tells user it was changed on next screen.

    4. Fixed issue of site field being empty upon adding a new patient.

    5. Changed the expiration time for verification codes from 5 minutes to 10.


    1. Fixed Privacy Policy Link is not functioning.

    2. Fixed Terms of Use Link is not functioning.

    3. Fixed Accessibility Link is not functioning.

    4. Fixed CRL Home Link is not functioning.

    5. Fixed duplicate confirm password field name.


    1. Added new user interface provided by Mediaura.


    1. Fixed bug that caused crash when registering site manager with a new site.

    2. Fixed bug that caused crash when using the other ICD10 code option.

    3. Updated to support URL box colors on newer Android browsers.

    4. Changed all references of "ethnicity" to "ancestry".

    5. Updated to check if a doctor registering tries to use a NPI already assigned to another doctor.

    6. Updated doctor register page to use already registered sites.

    7. Updated to allow doctors to be able to associate themselves with multiple sites.

    8. Removed comma that was in front of ICD10 code on requisition form.

    9. Removed comma between first and last name of site manager on requisition form.

    10. Changed to associate patients with sites in addition to just doctors.

    11. Updated to support company information to be associated with sites.

    12. Updated to add Admin level rights to users whom we specify.

    13. Changed verbiage on the requisition forms.


    1. Updated to change the NPI value in database if site manager changes their email address.

    2. Fixed bug that caused crash when a site manager tried to edit a patients general information.

    3. Fixed bug that caused site managers patient search function to not work.

    4. Updated to show error message when no email was typed on the activate account page.

    5. Added a button on the site managers view patient drug page to go back to patient details.

    6. Updated to show text "no drug interactions" instead of just nothing.

    7. Fixed bug that caused crash when a doctor tried to edit the general, contact, or insurance info of a patient.


    1. Added user friendly error message when trying to enter a duplicate NPI during doctor account creation.

    2. Fixed "index outside bounds of the array" bug that caused crash when loading a doctor's patient list.


    1. Fixed the misspelling "dotor" on the edit doctor personal data page.


    1. Added an Admin role.

    2. Added patient data edit logging with color coded changes.

    3. Added function to save patient test eligiblity historty.

    4. Updated to allow users to edit their personal information.

    5. Updated to allow Site Managers to edit their doctors personal information.


    1. Changed the references to the test from STAR to SureGene.


    1. First version uploaded to server.